G2 Carlos parties with Andrew Tate / Esports ethics - The Four Horsemen S2E5 (feat. Lauren Flanagan)

Lauren Flanagan, agent from OneTeam Partners, joins the show to discuss Carlos from G2's party with Andrew Tate, the esports industry's reaction to the tweets, the ramifications of the posts on the G2 org, the major ethical issues that continue to plague the industry, the lack of ethical money in the space, and more.

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This episode was filmed on September 20th, 2022.

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0:00:00 - Context

0:16:11 - Carlos's post and the community reaction

0:26:46 - Impact on G2

0:49:25 - Misogyny at Riot and the esports industry

1:12:36 - Misogyny and other issues abroad

1:42:47 - Where do we go from here?