Elden Ring: How to reach and enter the Isolated Divine Tower?

Elden Ring: How to reach and enter the Isolated Divine Tower?

The various divine towers in FromSoftware's game allow you to restore major runes, and they are usually near the corresponding boss. But there is one exception. Here's a guide to the lone divine tower, and how to reach it towards the end of the story.

Elden Ring has its fair share of Divine Towers, each affiliated with one of the big area bosses and its major Rune. In most cases, there are obstacles to overcome in one form or another to reach it and get your reward. The Isolated Divine Tower is no exception, although it is a little different from the others.


Location of the Isolated Divine Tower and how to reach it?

The "normal" method calls for reaching Leyndell, the royal capital, and taking the huge lift, not far from the area that looks like the Round Table . At the top, there is a vanished Grace point, a giant golem playing dead and above all, a teleportation portal that will take you directly to the tower, in the open sea. However, the door is closed unless you have the Rune Major of Malenia .

Ironically, the simplest method is available from the first hours of the game, even if it is not of much use at this point. Just go to the southwest tip of the Tearful Peninsula, in Necrolimbo. By climbing to the top of the aptly named Return Tower, you'll be teleported straight into Leyndell, Royal Capital, which can be weird at the start of the game. And you're not teleported anywhere, but near the teleport portal to the isolated Divine Tower, as well as from the grace point mentioned above.

Towards the end of the game, after defeating Maliketh , the capital will change and all vanished grace points inside are lost, including the one near the teleporter to the Isolated Tower. In addition, access to the elevator is no longer possible. The solution is obviously to go through the chest of the Tower of Return, which will activate the point of grace again and take the portal.



How do I open the Isolated Divine Tower?

The first step is to complete the Secret Medallion of the Sacred Tree quest , while progressing through the story. You have to use it at the giant elevator to access the Consecrated Snowfields, then gain access to the teleporter hidden in the city north of the area. It is then necessary to cross the areas of the sacred tree of Miquella, to finally confront Malenia , which is not an easy task. You will get the Major Rune of Malenia when she dies, which will unlock the entrance to the Isolated Tower. This is probably the furthest Major Rune from his Divine Tower.