Lion Guardian Boss in Elden Ring: How to get through the main castle entrance

Lion Guardian Boss in Elden Ring: How to get through the main castle entrance

After defeating Margit the Fallen you have two routes to choose from, the main gate route is horribly difficult with ballistae, tons of enemies and a mini boss. Here's a written and video guide to entering the zone and beating it.

The adventure isn't over after defeating Margit the Fallen on the Elden Ring beta, some challenges still await you. On the way up to the castle, a vanished grace point awaits you, as well as the doorman who shows you how to enter the castle, via a circuitous route. But you can also tell him that you want to go through the main door, even after accepting his proposal the first time. He warns you, however, that death awaits you, and he's probably right. As you then approach the portcullis, it will rise, and four repeating ballistae placed high up will shoot at you. More than a dozen soldiers are waiting for you then, as well as a formidable guardian lion a little further. Fortunately, by going along the right wall and rolling, you can pass without too much trouble. You are free to
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  • Try to save your vials for the lion, taking on all the soldiers like in the video might leave you in bad shape for the real fight.
  • Using your summon for the soldiers instead of the lion can be a good idea if you decide to clear the area first. Summons aren't very effective in this fight, wolves don't stand a chance, and even Northern Mercenary will nip, but it still has the potential to tank for a while.
  • You can approach the lion stealthily from behind by crouching, which allows you to start the fight with a few big kicks to the butt. It's a good advantage to take.

How to fight

The Guardian Lion is a very mobile boss, which makes it hard to hit and a bit unpredictable. It jumps in melee to attack you, then it jumps ranged soon after when you want to counterattack. Having an attack with a great reach can help you greatly, whether it's a spell, or the forward piercing blow of spears and swords via a skill. Rather than running after the lion, you can also wait for it by preparing a charged attack, for example.

A good way to control the pace of combat and maintain the initiative is to use obstacles, such as the many trees and pillars in the area. You can heal yourself a little more serenely by keeping a tree between you and the lion.

This boss often attacks in two stages, a first direct attack, and a little later a second attack, whether it is a rising blow while leaping, or a rotating blow. You have to take this into account when dodging, or when you block with a shield. In this second case, it is better to trigger the counter-attack on the second shot.


None, you touch a few runes, and you can continue to explore this area that is doing everything to kill you. The passages to the other segments of the castle are unfortunately barricaded on the beta. See you in the full game. If you haven't already, you can take the other passage and say hello to the Keeper of the Many-Armed Key , for an extra pain.