Coin Master: free spins and spin codes for 15 March 2022

Coin Master: free spins and spin codes for 15 March 2022

In Coin Master, there are daily links that allow you to get extra jackpot draws for free. These daily codes should not be overlooked if you want to progress quickly, so here are the free spins for March 15th.

A sort of iddle game in pocket format, Coin Master requires real diligence day after day, if you want to quickly build your villages and evolve from world to world. Gold will be the sinews of war in your adventure, and launching the slot machine as often as possible should therefore be your priority! Every day the publisher publishes secret links that allow players to get additional free spins. You will find the links specific to this Tuesday, March 15, 2022 below:

Each link can only be used once, and daily links are only valid for around 70 hours. So you actually have a little more than a day to activate them, even if they are beautiful and very temporary.

On mobile only

Coin Master is no longer a Facebook game, although it maintains close ties with the platform. The above links can only be opened from the phone where you installed the game.

How to acquire other spins without paying?

In addition to these daily free spins, the best way to be able to retake jackpots without putting your hand in your wallet is simply to invite some of your Facebook friends to play the game .