Elden Ring: How to beat the Many Armed Key Master at Stormveil Castle

Elden Ring: How to beat the Many Armed Key Master at Stormveil Castle

As you drive up the cliffside into Stormveil Castle, you'll eventually come across a locked door, and a monster so fearsome it could pass for a boss. Here's a guide with tips and advice on how to defeat it, and even cheese it.

If, having beaten Margit the Fallen , you thought you had passed the worst in the Elden Ring beta , know that this is not quite the case. Besides the dragon, the two passages in the Castle of Stormveil include deadly challenges that await you. On the side of the secondary passage, it's a kind of abomination lurking in a small dark room that awaits you, like a deadly spider. The number of bloodstains on the scene attests to its dangerousness, but it is an obligatory passage point to finish the demo, since it keeps the key for the door of the floor below.

Here is its approximate position on the world map:

Elden Ring


  • One element that makes this fight much more difficult than average is the impossibility of summoning spirits as reinforcements. It's good to see FromSoftware pull that crutch away from time to time. Even if, in this case, it will greatly complicate your life.
  • Try to reach this enemy with all your vials, all your life and all your CP or almost.
  • Use consumables like Incendiary Resin for your weapon.


The multi-armed guardian is a difficult fight for several reasons, the first is that the room is small in size, and it is littered with obstacles that could block you at the worst moment. You can bypass the boss, until he clears a little space, or limit your movements to rolling, which tends to crush obstacles.

The particularity of this enemy which earned him this name is of course the presence of his many arms. We will particularly remember the shield, which will block certain blows and spells, as well as its large spear. He also appears to possess an axe, among other things. In summary, it is a real melee mower, its blows are fast, powerful and very long range. Blocking them all isn't an option, and dodging them all is incredibly difficult.

The guardian also lets out a roar for a second or two, which will fill your Insanity gauge , which appears in purple in the middle of the screen. There's no point in stressing too much about it, once the bar is full you take moderate damage and lose some of your CP, but the roar doesn't fill it up too fast. It is better to take advantage of it to attack it aggressively. If your madness bar is too high, take the opportunity to heal yourself instead.

There are several ways to kill this enemy, in the video above we attack aggressively with a bastard sword held in two hands in order to finish the fight as quickly as possible. The other possibility is to abuse the limits of this enemy: he cannot leave the room . This means that he will get stuck at the door, which gives you the possibility of easily fleeing to heal yourself, or even to attack him from the outside, as he does not have a ranged attack. However, be careful, his attacks pass through walls, and they have a surprising range.

For this second method, you can use arrows, spells, firebombs, throwing knives, and more. Here is a demonstration on the video below.


If you win, you get the precious key that opens the door leading to the official end of the beta. There is also an interesting talisman that increases equipment load in the room.