Elden Ring: How to Fix Steam Cloud save & backup problems

Elden Ring: How to Fix Steam Cloud save & backup problems

Be careful when you start your game after a long session.

For a few days now, new concerns have been noticed on the PC version of the latest FromSoftware. After fixing numerous performance issues , Elden Ring now suffers from poor Steam Cloud saves. If it doesn't look like much, some will lose part of their progress if they are not careful enough. To avoid losing hours or even days of play, rely on good backups.

Using the Correct Steam Backup for Elden Ring

To avoid any problem, it is essential to use local saves when launching Elden Ring on Steam. These are always the most recent, and those on which the Cloud is based. However, Steam may not always be forgiving enough to offer you which backup to use. In this case, find the game in your library and check that the "Cloud Status" mentions that it is up to date. If not, click on it for local cloud backup upload.

By doing this, the Cloud should automatically fetch the data and save itself properly for future games. However, if this is not the case, then Steam must be updated to ensure that the latest version is installed. The operation is not complicated here, closing and restarting the platform is enough.