Guide Wallpaper Engine: How to add audio visualizer ?

Guide Wallpaper Engine: How to add audio visualizer ?

Many people use the Wallpaper Engine application to create wonderful desktop wallpapers, but do you know how to add an animated audio visualizer ?

It's been one of the most popular applications on Steam for many years, yet it's not widely known. The Wallpaper Engine application allows gamers to let their imagination run wild and create unique artworks!

You may use Wallpaper Engine to visualize audio that is playing on the user's system by processing the left and right audio channel volume levels. The audio frequencies are divided into 64 segments by each channel. Each component represents a certain audio frequency range: Bass and treble sound ranges are represented by low and high frequencies, respectively.

By focusing primarily on low frequency ranges, which typically represent the beat of audio being played, you may create several sorts of audio visualization using these volume levels, from fully featured bar audio visualizers to letting particular components on your wallpaper react to the beat of music.

This application is very complete but can sometimes be difficult to use for a novice, so today we're going to share with you a tip that many people ask themselves:

How to add audio visualizer on my wallpaper !?

Check it out this video to find the answer!

If this video doesn't answer your problem, you can find the full documentation of the Wallpaper Engine application right here:

Good luck to all the artists, please share your best wallpapers with us on social networks, we can't wait to see it!


As a reminder, Wallper Engine includes a powerful editor that allows you to transform static images into complex animated landscapes. This feature is easy to use if you're new to image editing, but it's also designed to keep power users happy by providing advanced options similar to those found in modern game engines.

Wallpaper Engine is designed to focus on performance, allowing you to customise its impact on system resources. Typically, most wallpapers do not produce noticeable effects on computers. However, performance is highly dependent on the level of complexity of the wallpaper.

You can configure Wallpaper Engine to pause or completely disable wallpapers while playing games (or more generally, when applications switch to full screen / windowed full screen). All performance settings are available in the Performance tab of the Wallpaper Engine settings.

All Wallpaper Engine wallpapers are free. There are no hidden costs. The reason we use the wording "Subscribe to a wallpaper" is simply because the wallpapers come as free subscriptions on Steam Workshop.

In other words, Steam remembers all the wallpapers that have piqued your interest and automatically re-downloads them when you reinstall the Wallpaper Engine.