As The Light Goes Out

Genres: Simulator, Indie
Platform: PC (Microsoft Windows)
As the Commander of the Fire Department, you are responsible for managing all kinds of emergencies, from small things like removing a wasps’ nest to significant matters such as a gas leak. While at the Fire Department, not only may you encounter fire accidents, but you may also come across natural disasters or emergent public events. However, there is no need to worry; firefighters with various duties and varied vehicles, as well as tools, are all at your service. You can keep the damage to a minimum as long as you reasonably coordinate the resources.

Coming on Dec 31st 2023


As The Light Goes Out is a simulation game utilizing Emergency and Rescue services from across the globe as its background. Become the Emergency Services Commander and take charge of the Fire, Police, and Paramedic departments! Instruct your teams and ensure public safety!

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