This gamer bed has been driving people crazy on Reddit!

This gamer bed has been driving people crazy on Reddit!

As the world is getting ready to celebrate Christmas, Reddit users have discovered a new bed for gamers, and it hasn't left anyone indifferent!

Sometimes in winter, you don't want to get out of bed at all! Well, if you had a bed for gamers, you could really stay in it during all your holidays!

Indeed, the internet user Krawboi posted on Reddit today some pictures of a really amazing bed. 2 integrated screens, speakers, mattresses, cushions, a place to put cups, a place to store your controllers and your keyboard as well as a place to put your phone... It's all there!


Just imagine being able to enjoy your console, your computer, your phone while being warm in your room while it's raining outside. Whether it's a long RPG or even a FPS, we all want to be warm when we play, so it's only natural that products like this exist now.

Even if this bed can make you dream at first glance, many internet users have asked themselves if it was really good for your health to live like this without moving all day!

We're not going to judge, everyone does what they want and we understand if you ordered a bed like this for Christmas!

Of course, you still have to go out for a shower from time to time, but everyone does what they want, we don't judge anyone!

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