Dynamic Chord feat. Apple-Polisher V Edition

Genre: Visual Novel
Platform: PlayStation Vita
The main character - Hiiragi Miu, which is actively involved in the entertainment industry as a singer (※ name can be changed).
Miu still nurtures feelings for his first love, because this man had taught her the joy of singing.

She continues to work diligently in the music industry.

Once, Senpai of musical group from agencies Miu tell her that a live round to be invited guests.

He had to go to the first day of the tour as the support.
The guest turned out to Shinobu Kurosawa from apple-polisher.
After the live concert, in the locker room were collected members of the band Shinobu - Otoishi Yuusei, Aoi Yuki and first love Miu - Amagi Narumi.

What is the way of love with a band members who love music just as you are ...?

Released on Jun 28th 2018


Includes 6 new afterstories.


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