Dynamic Chord feat.Liar-S V Edition

Genre: Visual Novel
Platform: PlayStation Vita
The protagonist is a university student named Futaba Nina. Raised by her overprotective parents and ignorant of the ways of the world, Nina is a wealthy girl who had never properly fallen in love before.

One day, she is invited by a friend to a bar that hosts live music events. Nina was captivated by the singing ability of Hinomiya Sakura, and Suzuno Chiya's composition, both of whom belongs to a certain band. Around the time she left the bar, and as her excitement of the live show cooled down, she received a single SMS on her mobile phone. It was from Yuisaki Seri, a former acquaintance of her's.

What will be the fate of the love between a wealthy girl who had lead a life without any association with rock bands, and a band member?

Released on Dec 22nd 2016


A Vita port.

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