Dynamic Chord feat. Rēve Parfait Append Disc

Genre: Visual Novel
Platform: PC (Microsoft Windows)
2nd-year high school student Atano Rio has childhood friends. They are Kashii Reon and his older brother Kashii Aki. However, due to a certain incident, she has become estranged from Reon.

One day, Rio is lead to a certain studio by Kuon, whom is an upperclassman she's close to and also Aki's friend. It is there that she learns that the three—Reon, Aki and Kuon—had formed a band together. However, their band's bassist had dropped out...

The love between you and the high school band-men aiming for a major debut... Where will it lead?

Released on Jan 29th 2016


A disc appending Reon, Tsumugi and Kuon's individual routes with the "Encore" scenario, which will contain an extra scenario and endings set after the events of the [rēve parfait].

The sub-character Aki (a.k.a. "Knight") will have his own route and endings, in addition to an Encore scenario.

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