G2 vs. MSF - Playoffs Round 1 | LEC Summer | G2 Esports vs. Misfits Gaming | Game 3 (2022)

VoD of G2 Esports vs. Misfits Gaming - Game 3
LEC Summer Season 2022 #LEC

Casters: Drakos, Vedius and Caedrel
Analyst: Sjokz, Broxah and Guldborg

Full Line up:
G2 Esports Line up:
⦁ BrokenBlade - Top Sejuani
⦁ Jankos - Jungle Wukong
⦁ caPs - Mid Azir
⦁ Flakked - ADC Kalista
⦁ Targamas - Support Tahm Kench

Misfits Gaming Line up:
⦁ Irrelevant - Top Renekton
⦁ Zanzarah - Jungle Skarner
⦁ Vetheo - Mid Ahri
⦁ Neon - ADC Sivir
⦁ Mersa - Support Braum

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