Family BASIC

Genre: Arcade
Platform: Family Computer
The Family BASIC is a BASIC interpreter for the Famicom that was only released in Japan. It included the Famicom Keyboard and a tape drive called the Famicom Data Recorder. Many versions were released following the first version which was released in June 1984. Version 3 included games that were based on previous Nintendo titles:

Game 0 - Either shout into the microphone or hold down A to cause a heart to appear. Once it does, Mario and Pauline will appear.
Game 1 - The player will find Sidesteppers from Mario Bros. and the penguin from Pinball in this game.
Game 2 - In this game the player will control Mario and avoid enemies.
Game 3 - This game is called Star Killer, and the player must go around a stage shooting enemies from Nintendo games such as Donkey Kong and Mario Bros.

Released on Jun 21st 1984


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