Hiiro no Kakera: Shin Tamayuri-hime Densetsu - Portable

Genre: Visual Novel
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Saya is a high school student. A new religious group was set up in her town several months ago and a lot of people visit there now. The founder is Amamiya Otoha who is called Tamayorihime since she can talk to God. The group becomes famous because of her existence. Saya thinks her peaceful life will last forever, but it is soon destroyed when her classmate dies.... But this is just the beginning of their battle.... Saya is suddenly told that she is also Tamayorihime. Her guardians appear in front of her as well. What is Tamayorihime? Who are her guardians? What will happen to Saya in the end...?

Released on Sep 30th 2010


A port of Hiiro no Kakera - Shin Tamayurihime Densetsu.

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