Kannagi no Mori: Ryuujin Kitan

Genre: Visual Novel
Platform: PC (Microsoft Windows)
The protagonist Kinami Mizuki has been able to see things that others could not since she was a child.
Her mother, who was the only family she had told her to keep it a secret from everybody and Mizuki has kept that promise.

One rainy night while looking out her window Mizuki saw a person walking in the rain without an umbrella.
That person looked exactly like her mother who had died three days ago.

--On a rainy night, the dead will return.

It was a rumor she had heard while visiting her mothers grave.
While realizing that it couldn't be true she still ran out of the house and started chasing the woman.
But there in front of her was a mysterious young man.

"I've come to pick you up."

The young man kneeling in front of her apparently worked for her paternal grandfather.

Led by the young man she was taken to a village far from the city "Ugetsu".
There she met her grandfather who was stricken with an illness and tasked to take care of the 'Yorozu Ayakashi-ya' in his stead.
It is a business that deals with settling the problems of gods and youkai.

Released on Oct 25th 2018


The second half of the Kannagi no Mori story.

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