Perseus: Titan Slayer

Genres: Adventure, Role-playing (RPG), Indie, Hack and slash/Beat 'em up
Platform: PC (Microsoft Windows)
Defeat the Titans as you battle your way into Tartarus to stop Hades from conquering Olympus and destroying the world. In this rogue-like dungeon crawler adventure, you will play as Perseus, a demigod tasked with one mission; stop Hades and the evil forces that surround him.

Released on Feb 01st 2023


Perseus: Titan Slayer is an over-the-top hack and slash, rogue-like adventure that focuses on depth and branching choices which allow for multiple unique runs. Branching choices allow for custom runs and many opportunities to play again and try new builds. Wield a Sword, Dagger, Bow, or Katana, each with their own special abilities. Feel like a real Olympian and explore the secrets of each weapon.
Meet Zeus, Poseidon, Hermes, and many other Olympians and gain their legendary upgrades.
Hack and slash through hordes of enemies as you make your way into Tartarus on an epic journey to fight Hades and the Titans.
It doesn’t matter how you want to play this game or what style you want to use. A shopkeeper system allows players to make unique builds whether you want to be a Tank, Agile, DPS or even a double spell caster on your adventure.

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