Pub Games

Genre: Card & Board Game
Platform: Commodore C64/128/MAX
Pub games is a themed compilation of seven games that have been popular in public houses (drinking establishments) in the United Kingdom for decades. This package is aimed at young teens with the inlay card containing words like 'Here's your chance to find out what it's like in those smoke-filled haunts of adulthood'. All the games are two player games of the 'hot seat' variety - with the exception of Table Football where both players have their own action keys The games can be played either as a 'Full Pub Games Run' - which takes the player(s) through all the games and will take around two hours to complete, or a practice mode which allows the player(s) to select and games in any order.

Scoring in each game is self explanatory but in the 'Full Pub Games Run' players win £1 per game so the winner at the end of the run is the one with the most money.

The games are split on both sides of the cassette Side 1 - Menu, Darts, Bar Billiards, and Dominoes Side 2 - Table Football, Pontoon, Poker, and Skittles

Released on Dec 31st 1986


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