Stardeus - Official Announcement Trailer



Earth has perished. Human kind built a massive spaceship, an ark to travel through space in search for new home. Everyone is asleep in stasis hibernation, hoping to wake up when the ark ship finds a new home, and construction bots build a fresh base. Ship AI handles the entire journey.

Then something terrible rips the ship into pieces. Ship AI goes into consciousness override mode and loads your neural network into the system. You are now in full control of the disaster recovery procedure. Use your worker robots and drones to rebuild the ship, restore the ecosystem, and ensure the survival of the small remains of the fragile human kind.

The future of the rest of humanity is solely in your hands. Just be aware that the suffocating coldness of the frigid space is not the only thing you should worry about. What are you going to do?

More on Stardeus:

Here's your look at Stardeus, an upcoming deep space colony sim coming to Steam Early Access on October 12, 2022. Watch the trailer to learn about the story and what you can expect from this game.

Stardeus is set on a broken starship manned by drones and hibernating human survivors. As the immortal AI you will have your drones repair your starship, save or exploit your human crew and travel the stars.

Is Stardeus a good video game?

Stardeus is not a very well known video game at the moment, so we'd rather not get involved. There are hundreds of new games every day and our editors haven't heard enough about Stardeus to offer a full review yet. If the game continues to make itself known in the coming months, we will of course offer a detailed review and a note on whether or not you should play it. But for now, all we can say is that Stardeus is a niche game, try it for yourself and make your own opinion, we hope you will have fun with it!

Can I play Stardeus with my friends?

No, as far as we know, there is no multiplayer mode for Stardeus, you'll have to lend the controller to each other and take turns playing! We hope that a multiplayer mode will be available thanks to a next update, a remake or even a sequel, who knows!

Is Stardeus available on multiple platforms?

Yes, the game Stardeus is developed to be compatible with PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac and Linux. It's quite handy to be able to play it on several different consoles, thanks to the Kodo Linija development studio!

Is there an official website for Stardeus?

Yes Stardeus has its own official website! You can find it by clicking here.

Is there a forum on the internet to discuss the game Stardeus?

Yes there is a website where Stardeus fans can meet to discuss and exchange content, tips and advice on the game. It's on the Reddit website and you can find this Subreddit by clicking here.

Is Stardeus compatible with VR?

No, Stardeus is not currently compatible with virtual reality, but we hope that one day it will be possible to play it with this new technology!

Does the game Stardeus have other names around the world?

No, according to our information, there is no other way to name Stardeus, or it is very marginal.

What are similar games to Stardeus?

Stardeus is a game similar to RimWorld, Ashes of the Singularity, Planetbase, Imagine Earth, Unclaimed World, Star Control: Origins, Impact Winter, Force of Nature, Sol 0: Mars Colonization and CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience, if you liked Stardeus, you will surely love this list of games we just mentioned! You can find our dedicated portals by clicking on the name of the games, and make your own opinion very quickly!