Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin - Wanderer of the Rift

Genre: Role-playing (RPG)
Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S
Once there was a group of warriors who fell before the darkness and gave themselves over to chaos. This is the story of what came next.

A new premonition stirs and strives to manifest into this world ruled by chaos.
It is the birth of the Light of Possibility, brought about with the aid of the dragon king,
and it is the mysterious presence attempting to intervene from a distant world...

Jack and his allies cannot possibly know whose hand directed the dragon king...

Is this next challenge awaiting them a curse from another world? A visitor?
Or perhaps something else entirely...?

Released on Oct 26th 2022


Fight your way through the Labyrinth of Dimensions, a dungeon that randomly configures your path to unlock pieces of the story. “Wanderer of the Rift” will introduce a new job, Blue Mage, and special monsters you can fight and summon into battle with the use of a Summoning Stone.

In addition to new equipment that unlocks new abilities, a new class of enemies called “Chaotic Monsters” will be added to give the player a more diverse and challenging experience.


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