Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac, Linux, Web browser
Varkana is the name of a region in a world with a timeless, mildy fantasy/sci-fi setting (some technological and magical elements are present at this moment, but not prevalent), with the city-state of Arg Varkana as its major outpost of civilization. There are several Persian and Mesopotamian inspired elements in there, some of which might sound familiar to those who are acquaintanced with those cultures.

We start the game as Farahnaaz, a bookcrafter and a library employee in Arg Varkana, currently enjoying her summer holidays when the town is lively with celebrations. Her hometown is to be visited by a team of ambassadors from Ashtarta, a distant, fabled land with a more advanced technology and a recently-reestablished regime.

Released on Oct 01st 2007


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