The mobile version of GTA Trilogy suffered a postponement

Grand Theft Auto


Grand Theft Auto

The Game Boy Color version of Grand Theft Auto was unabridged, which was quite a technical achievement due to the sheer size of the cities, converted tile-for-tile from the PC original, making them many times larger than most Game Boy Color game worlds were because of the handheld's limited hardware.

This Game Boy Color version also had an exclusive character named Kelly, who could be renamed Sumner, and activate a cheat code which unlocks 15 characters, based on the games' creator. Wanted Levels were represented by a trouble bar in the Game Boy Color.

The game also features a radically different soundtrack from the PC and PS1 versions, replacing all the songs that play on the radio and menus in those versions with 8-bit instrumental tracks composed by Anthony Paton.

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The mobile version of GTA Trilogy suffered a postponement

After a stormy launch on consoles and PC last year, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition was to land on mobile media in the first half of 2022. But this will obviously not be the case…

This week, Take-Two Interactive delivered its annual financial results. It was an opportunity to learn that GTA V has sold 165 million copies worldwide, and Red Dead Redemption II 44 million units. Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of the publisher, also wanted to recall his support for a Red Dead Online abandoned by Rockstar (not to mention new content for all that). As for the GTA+ subscription , it visibly exceeded the group's forecasts.


A trilogy not yet out of the inn

But, in the midst of these great games, there's like an ugly duckling named Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition . Take-Two did not bother to go back on the sales of its compilation, which had yet passed 10 million copies in just a month and a half . Moreover, this trilogy was to arrive on iOS and Android during the first half of the year… Unfortunately, this should not be the case, finally!

Zelnick clarified that the mobile version will launch during the current fiscal year which ends on March 31, 2023. So unless the game lands this month or in June, a postponement will likely be in order. Rockstar Games and Grove Street Games no doubt wish to avoid a rushed launch as was the case with the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC versions.


Is Grand Theft Auto a good video game?

Yes Grand Theft Auto is a good video game, we had a lot of fun playing it! That's why we decided to give it a 65% rating. If you want to try it, and if you have already enjoyed similar games, we are sure you will have a great time on this game! Of course, Grand Theft Auto has its flaws, and we even noticed some mini bugs while playing it for several hours, but all this is also part of the charm and it doesn't take anything away from the pleasure of playing.

Can I play Grand Theft Auto with my friends?

No, as far as we know, there is no multiplayer mode for Grand Theft Auto, you'll have to lend the controller to each other and take turns playing! We hope that a multiplayer mode will be available thanks to a next update, a remake or even a sequel, who knows!

Is Grand Theft Auto available on multiple platforms?

No, the game Grand Theft Auto is currently only available on Game Boy Color.

Is Grand Theft Auto a recent game?

No, Grand Theft Auto is not a recent game, it was launched in most regions on Oct 22nd 1999, 24 years 5 months 29 days ago.
Grand Theft Auto has been released on Game Boy Color.

Is there an official website for Grand Theft Auto?

Yes Grand Theft Auto has its own official website! You can find it by clicking here.

Is there a forum on the internet to discuss the game Grand Theft Auto?

No, according to our information, Grand Theft Auto does not yet have a forum or subreddit clearly identified to the community. However, it is possible that you can find one by searching on your favorite search engine, which we invite you to do! You can also look at social networks, indeed many groups exist for example on Facebook to allow communities to exchange between enthusiasts.

Is Grand Theft Auto compatible with VR?

No, Grand Theft Auto is not currently compatible with virtual reality, but we hope that one day it will be possible to play it with this new technology!

Does the game Grand Theft Auto have other names around the world?

No, according to our information, there is no other way to name Grand Theft Auto, or it is very marginal.

What are similar games to Grand Theft Auto?

Grand Theft Auto is a game similar to James Bond 007, Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon, White Cat Project, Garena Free Fire, Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed, PUBG Mobile, Battle Royale : Zombie, Gears 5, Apsulov: End of Gods and Havocado, if you liked Grand Theft Auto, you will surely love this list of games we just mentioned! You can find our dedicated portals by clicking on the name of the games, and make your own opinion very quickly!