Gundam Evolution: first trailer for this multiplayer shooter on PS5 and PS4

Gundam Evolution: first trailer for this multiplayer shooter on PS5 and PS4

Last night was Sony's State of Play, a small show partly focused on Japanese games: the opportunity to present Gundam Evolution, a new title from the famous franchise, of which here is the first video.


The Gundam franchise is arguably one of the most iconic in Japanese culture. Launched in 1979 in Japan in the form of an anime, it has largely helped to popularize mechas and has declined over the decades through many works on many mediums: it is very clearly an institution .

The video game is obviously not left out since we find Gundam titles since the Super Nintendo (and even even before, on arcade terminals), crossing the generations by relying on a particularly solid and damn loyal public. , especially in Japan. Last night's State of Play, precisely dedicated in part to Japanese productions, was therefore an opportunity for PlayStation to lift the veil on Gundam Evolution , a unique multiplayer FPS.



Gundam Evolution: first unleashed trailer for this multiplayer shooter on PS5 and PS4

This very first trailer punctuated by the music of Steve Aoki sets the tone: Gundam Evolution will be a nervous FPS, coming directly to the flowerbeds of the great classics of the genre. The futuristic world of mechas will be used in particular for gameplay: you can then choose your “Mobile Suit from a wide selection of models from the Gundam multiverse, each with its own offensive and defensive arsenal.” Strategies can therefore be developed to defeat his enemies, such as the possibility of transforming, stealing or equipping himself with more or less devastating firearms (and bladed weapons).

No precise release date is given for Gundam Evolution, except for a broad 2022: we do know, however, that it will be free-to-play on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, platforms on which it will not arrive exclusively since it will also be present on PC. Ah, yes, tests will be done in the spring with the public, giving the opportunity to see what the app has in its belly, controller in hand.