Razer presents the Kishi V2, a very original controller to play on your phone!

Razer presents the Kishi V2, a very original controller to play on your phone!

A lot of people play games on their phones these days, and it's not always fun. But don't worry, Razer now offers the V2 of Kishi!

Razer wishes to continue to implement itself within the middle of the telephone, in particular with its new accessory: the Kishi V2. Behind this name simply hides a controller for Android phones. But don't panic, the accessory will also arrive on the iPhone this fall. Probably for the release of the next Apple phone.

It's not a Nintendo Switch !


As you can see from the images of the product in question, it's hard not to think of the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons and that's clearly where Razer seems to be drawing inspiration from. One of the major differences with the Kishi V1 is that this time the accessory says goodbye to its angle system which gave the impression of having a plastic border at the level of the screen of the phone.

The design is generally quite different with something more accomplished and this is also reflected in the technical characteristics. Indeed, Razer abandons its membrane design for its buttons to bet on microswitches. The D-Pad is now also mechanically clickable. As you can see in the photo below, two programmable multifunction triggers arrive, but also a dedicated button for video recording / Screenshot. Perfect for those who want to stream or just share phone content with friends.


Manage everything now with Razer Nexus

Finally we can also find a quick access button for the Razer Nexus. To put it simply, it is a hub for grouping games that are compatible with the Kishi system. It is also within this software that you can recover your captures or simply save you time to launch a live Twitch or YouTube.

The Razer Kishi V2 controller is available for 119.99 euros .