Rollerdrome, rollerblading on PC and Playstation !

Rollerdrome, rollerblading on PC and Playstation !

From the creators of OlliOlli World.

Taking advantage of State of Play on June 2, Roll7 and Private Division announced their next project, Rollerdrome . Scheduled for August 16, 2022, the game will be available on PC, PS4 and PS5.

Action game and 3rd person shooter, Rollerdrome takes us to 2030 in a universe whose graphic style is reminiscent of Sable . In a world dominated by big business, popular entertainment has become excessive and violent. A new combat sport is doing well, the Rollerdrome, a sort of roller derby where sledgehammers and shotgun shooting are commonplace. 

Your goal will be simple. Become the new champion of the Rollerdrome league and at the same time discover the true intentions of the Matterhorn company. But it won't be easy. To survive the competition, you will have to stay in constant motion and take advantage of your opponents' weak points.


Rollerdrome Trailer