SKATE : The game is now in testing phase, a release planned this year ?

SKATE : The game is now in testing phase, a release planned this year ?

In February 2022, we learned via EA's financial results that "Skate 4" would be released that same year. Today we can learn a bit more from Tom Henderson.

Insider Tom Henderson is clearly not an official source, but he's known enough to rarely get things wrong and always have good information in his pocket. This time the man talks about it on Exputer . Thus, we can learn that via the Origin API application, the SKATE game is currently in the playtest phase . It is interesting to note that the mention SKATE 4 does not appear anywhere. The publisher has never used the number 4 to talk about his game.

A SKATE reboot?

This absence of a number in the title could suggest not a direct sequel but rather a reboot. Note also some rumors that the title would be free. According to Henderson, this would be pure speculation (in his own words) and that it was not so.

Since then, the man has also added an update to his statements, stating that several people had contacted him to affirm that, indeed, test phases had been taking place for months. It's always interesting when an Insider mentions rumors in his remarks to disavow them.


This proves once again that the world of video games is not a long calm river and that there is in the background a real battle of information and... misinformation? Wait and See.