Resident Evil 4, a remaster for the PS5

Resident Evil 4


Resident Evil 4

Set six years after the events of Resident Evil 2, an older and significantly toughened Leon S. Kennedy has been shaped by his experiences of enduring the disaster that wiped Raccoon City off the map and events beyond. Now reporting directly to the President of the United States of America, Leon is given a new assignment: To locate and rescue the President’s kidnapped daughter. Tracking her location to a secluded village in the European countryside, Leon prepares to take his first steps into another nightmare that reaches far past reason.

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Resident Evil 4, a remaster for the PS5

Resident Evil 4 is back with a modernized version, available next year on PS5.

Unveiled during State of Play on June 2, 2022 , Resident Evil 4 is back soon with a remastered version for the PS5. Capcom's legendary game was the first big announcement of the evening for Sony. We therefore remain in the habit of one remaster per year for the Resident Evil franchise. The game will be available on March 3, 2023 exclusively on PS5.

The trailer for the new Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 back soon on PS5

It would therefore seem that Capcom and co are very into remastering since each year, a new title is brought up to date. As a reminder, RE 4 is considered one of the best installments in the franchise.

Note that for the moment, very little information is available regarding the title. As often with modernized or remastered versions, it is hoped that the gameplay will be at the level of the modernized graphics.

The release date of Resident Evil 4 is scheduled for March 3, 2023, with an announcement that concerns only the PlayStation 5. Note that the title was announced at the same time as the establishment of the PS VR2 tool for Resident EvilVillage. Shall we meet in a few years for a remaster of Village?


Is Resident Evil 4 a good video game?

Yes Resident Evil 4 is a great video game, we are proud to have given it a rating of 93%. Any good gamer must have played Resident Evil 4 at least once in his life, we can even fully consider it as one of the best games of the genre! In short, it is a must and you must try it if you have the opportunity!

Can I play Resident Evil 4 with my friends?

No, as far as we know, there is no multiplayer mode for Resident Evil 4, you'll have to lend the controller to each other and take turns playing! We hope that a multiplayer mode will be available thanks to a next update, a remake or even a sequel, who knows!

Is Resident Evil 4 available on multiple platforms?

Yes, the game Resident Evil 4 is developed to be compatible with PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Mac and iOS. It's quite handy to be able to play it on several different consoles, thanks to Capcom Development Division 1, Capcom, Capcom Development Division 1 development studios!

Is Resident Evil 4 a recent game?

Yes, Resident Evil 4 is a recent game, it was launched in most regions on Mar 24th 2023, 1 year 24 days ago.
Resident Evil 4 has been released on PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Mac and iOS.

Is there an official website for Resident Evil 4?

Yes Resident Evil 4 has its own official website! You can find it by clicking here.

Is there a forum on the internet to discuss the game Resident Evil 4?

Yes there is a website where Resident Evil 4 fans can meet to discuss and exchange content, tips and advice on the game. It's on the Reddit website and you can find this Subreddit by clicking here.

Is Resident Evil 4 compatible with VR?

No, Resident Evil 4 is not currently compatible with virtual reality, but we hope that one day it will be possible to play it with this new technology!

Does the game Resident Evil 4 have other names around the world?

Yes, the game is also known by these names around the world:
RE4 (Abbreviation)
RE4 Remake (Abbreviation)
バイオハザード RE:4 (Japanese title - original)
Resident Evil 4 Remake (Other)
Resident Evil 4 Remake (Working title)

What are similar games to Resident Evil 4?

Resident Evil 4 is a game similar to Rusty Lake Hotel, The Sinking City, Don't Knock Twice, House of Caravan, Blacksad: Under the Skin, Dream Alone, Gears 5, Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek, Apsulov: End of Gods and Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2, if you liked Resident Evil 4, you will surely love this list of games we just mentioned! You can find our dedicated portals by clicking on the name of the games, and make your own opinion very quickly!