130 Square Enix albums available on YouTube

130 Square Enix albums available on YouTube

That's several hundred hours of Square Enix soundtracks to listen to on YouTube.

What is good when you have the Square Enix catalog is that there is a display of soundtracks, each more legendary than the next. And when the publisher decides to publish everything on YouTube, it inevitably makes people happy.

Indeed, the Japanese giant has just launched its own YouTube channel, Square Enix Music , and now offers some 5457 tracks to discover or rediscover. What to find his happiness. And to do it right, everything is already organized in a wide variety of playlists. 

If Final Fantasy is very well represented with its 93 playlists – just that – the other licenses are not left out. Mana, NieR, Chrono or even Bravely Default, all are entitled to a well-stocked repertoire. To this should be added several behind-the-scenes videos of Square Enix's musical production.

Now we can only hope that the recent wave of copyrights sent by Nintendo on its soundtracks posted on YouTube was to prepare a similar channel. Because otherwise it would be really bad spirit. And they are not like that at the small craftsman, huh?