Amouranth humiliates xQc by disclosing how much a date with her cost.

Amouranth humiliates xQc by disclosing how much a date with her cost.

Felix 'xQc' Lengyel got a touch red-faced after Twitch star Kaitlyn 'Amouranth' Siragusa stated that her fellow broadcaster wouldn't give her his number for a date.

Since many years ago, viewers have scrutinized the relationships between Twitch stars in an effort to determine who is friends with whom and who might be dating.

Streaming celebrity xQc has typically made an effort to maintain secrecy, frequently referring to his longtime companion Adept as his "roommate."
Even yet, he didn't hesitate to publicly acknowledge his relationship with Nyxxii after the two separated.

Similar to Amouranth, who made her marriage to her spouse public, she ended up divorcing him following an intense broadcast in which she accused him of abusing her.
Since then, she has streamed with a potential new boyfriend, but that could have been xQc.

Amouranth asserts that xQc refused to give her his phone number for a date.

Amouranth, who stated that xQc refused to give her his number during her epic IRL date stream on November 24, said that.

She laughed when she saw that xQc was also watching and said, "He saw the date with Chris and he became furious since it wasn't him.

He refused to give me his phone number!
To xQc's dismay, Amouranth continued, "X did not give me his number and then he ended up bringing on Nyxxii and having a fling with her, so if he wanted to holler, he could have just holler."

The former Overwatch League player couldn't help but yell repeatedly at the screen as Amouranth talked, expressing his disbelief at the assertion.

She might have been joking when she made her assertion, given how lighthearted Amouranth was during the whole session, but who knows? Maybe xQc will appear on her later big IRL date broadcast.