Amouranth is very angry with Twitch : Here is the reason !

Amouranth is very angry with Twitch : Here is the reason !

Amouranth is now attacking Twitch after earlier this year he targeted Twitter. The platform's top streamer recently declared during a live stream that she did not like the platform's banning policy. This is because there isn't really enough transparency.

Beginning of a conflict between Amouranth and Twitch.

Amouranth, of course, is the stream's star. After two turbulent months, Kaitlyn Siragusa—her true name—is back and better than ever. In October, the young woman opened up to her audience about her pain after disclosing the horrible circumstances of her marriage. Amouranth has seen significant transformations since that time, ultimately making a spectacular comeback and becoming the sole female Twitch Top 100 streamer.

Amouranth is experiencing a healthy rebirth and is doing a few interviews following her major concerts. She is more visible than ever on social networks and various streaming platforms. She recently provided FullSquadGaming with an explanation of why she never agreed to any exclusivity agreements with Twitch, Facebook, or Youtube. It must be acknowledged that the star streamer's connection with the website that made her famous hasn't always been positive. Amouranth also shared her thoughts on Twitch's ban policies after being repeatedly banned from the network.

Does the Twitch platform have an openness problem?

Amouranth had already criticized Twitter earlier this year, charging it with censorship. This time, the streamer specifically mentioned Twitch, its primary platform. The video creator continued to talk to FullSquadGaming and expressed her opinions on the platform's lack of openness about its banning choices.

"I detest their policy of banning. There appears to be a disconnect on Twitch. The security center is tasked with suspending users, but it seems as though they aren't even in contact with the other teams working on the platform."

The streamer said that the security center would forbid sharing information about a suspension with prospective platform intermediates, keeping streamers completely in the dark.

"Most of the time, your partner manager won't be able to tell you what you did. They merely state, "Yeah, you violated the guidelines of a general category" (...) Even knowing what to avoid is beyond you! It annoys me a lot that they ban you without explaining why."

According to Amouranth, who is not the only active user of the platform to have expressed dissatisfaction with the platform's ban policy, the situation is frustrating. The justifications provided by the platform for their suspension have already been contested by a number of streamers. Whether Twitch will change its policy is unclear.