Develop your cheating skills in Card Shark

Develop your cheating skills in Card Shark

But be careful not to get caught.

Unveiled during Nintendo Indie World on August 18, 2020, Card Shark is finally released on June 2, 2022. Published by Devolver Digital, the game from Nerial studio will be available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Card Shark is an adventure game that puts you in the shoes of the sulphurous Comte de Saint Germain. Between intrigue and cheating, dive into a world in which you will have to learn how to manipulate your opponents through card games. To fool everyone in the local gambling circles, you'll have to train hard to cheat. Marking your cards, fake shuffling, fake cuts and even trading games. It's up to you to become the king of the scam, all without getting caught, of course. 

From small gaming tables to isolated mansions, passing through luxurious living rooms, you will have to deceive all kinds of adversaries to achieve your ends. Finance your accession to very closed tables and perhaps end up reaching the King's table in person.


Card Shark Trailer