An upcoming release on consoles for Lost Ark? And when ?

An upcoming release on consoles for Lost Ark? And when ?

Since its release in Europe, the game has met with enormous success on PC, but console players are somewhat envious… Could it be that Lost Ark will soon know a port?

Since its release in Europe, Lost Ark has met with great success and has even climbed into the Top 2 for the greatest number of simultaneous players on Steam, ahead of CS:GO ! On Twitch, the game attracted more than a million viewers in the first week of its European release on February 11.

The MMORPG will clearly mark the history of games of the genre, and this one has only just begun. Several classes would indeed come and it is certain that other surprises await players around the world. In the coming months, a roadmap should be unveiled by Smilegate to reveal the plans for the game in 2022. Among all the questions we can ask ourselves about the upcoming additions, there is one that comes back fluently.

Will Lost Ark soon be available on consoles?

The answer is… no . Smilegate RPG, the developers of the game, have repeatedly clarified that the game is exclusively available on PC. Moreover, it seems that hope is vain for console players. This is indeed unlikely to happen in the future knowing that for Amazon, co-publishers of Lost Ark, it is not in their habits.

Lost Ark

It's true that none of Amazon's games, including the company-created MMORPG New World , are available on consoles. For all these projects, there is unfortunately no possibility of a portage.

We must keep hope

Console MMORPG fans, don't be discouraged! Smilegate adapted its FPS CrossfireX game for the Xbox Series X/S in 2020 , a great innovation for the company. Then, noticing the success of the game around the world, the game developers might change their minds and decide to adapt Lost Ark on Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S.

The game having been released recently in Europe, there are still a lot of points to work on for the company and it could be that console compatibility is one of them. Never say never !