Best Gaming Consoles for 2023

Best Gaming Consoles for 2023

The console war is a never-ending event that only gets better with time. There’s always something new to talk about. And it’s not just big companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Xbox that have been thrown into the mix. Google, Razer, and Steam have made their grand entrances quite recently too. The more, the merrier, right? Gives us tons to talk about. From specs to compatibility to physical aesthetics, the best gaming consoles are ripe for getting the complete treatment by us tech-savvies. 

We are here today to check out the latest and greatest and perhaps add a new perspective to your opinions about some of these video game juggernauts. 

PlayStation 5

The undisputed champion of this console generation. PlayStation has always had a neck-to-neck race with the Xbox to prove who’s the boss but quite recently, Xbox has openly admitted that they can’t beat the PlayStation this time around. And with good reason. The PS5 has been changed drastically from the PS4. Both in terms of specs and shape. 

Where the PS4 could be called a gaming console that would support good frame rates and also run different apps. Enabling people to connect socially and have a proper focus on social messengers, the PS5 scraps that vision and puts gaming as the first and only priority.

In turn, you get a big, scary box-like shaped console that is filled to the brim with industry-leading cores, all packaged between two futuristic-looking plates. The UI for the PS5 also makes it look like a thing from the future. The PS5 keeps games synced with their saved data using an internet connection. And in order to make full use of the features presented along with the plethora of competitive online gaming options, we recommend CenturyLink WIFI which never compromises on quality or speed. 

Microsoft Xbox Series X

The latest addition to the Xbox series launched around the same time as the PS5. They both boasted amazing graphics, bleeding-edge tech, and similar prices. Sadly, both consoles are also pretty hard to find on the market due to the worldwide chip shortage. Regardless, players would be inclined to buy the Xbox over the PlayStation due to the exclusivity of some games only offered on the Xbox. 

A popular example of this is the newly rejuvenated HALO series which has pulled in new and old gamers into their niche and is actively challenging COD games now. Xbox also pulls in players through its Xbox Game Pass which offers a wide variety of features and is generally cheaper than the PS Plus. And if these two things don’t entice you enough then there’s also an impressive fridge that Microsoft has thrown in for eccentric buyers to enjoy. Oh, and it’s in the shape of an Xbox!

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo doesn’t appear to be backing down anytime soon. And for the most part, they don’t have any strong competition in their respective niche too. Nintendo is focusing on keeping its loyal base engaged with revamped retro games and new sequels of the same games with a little sprinkle of mainstream games on the side. What this does is that it keeps a steady flow of players engaged and coming back for more. Additionally, Nintendo has come up with three different Switch(s) over the years. 

There’s the base model which has two detachable JoyCon controllers and is all the rage even now. Then there’s a similar, slightly bigger OLED model which has a spectacular OLED screen and a faster processor but keeps the rest of the features the same. Finally, we have the Switch Lite, which strips the JoyCon controllers from its person and presents a PSP-esque shape. 

Essentially, it has a unibody design to it with just enough on to keep its identity as a Switch. You’d be glad to know that it can run all games compatible with the Switch and just because of being a tad bit smaller than its brethren, it is also more compatible. A win-win. 

Steam Deck

This nifty little device can be characterized as a powerhouse simply because Google lists it online as a “computer”. It’s pretty hard to digest the fact that a device the size of a Nintendo Switch can pass for a full fledge computer. At least, in terms of performance. But that’s exactly what it is. Steam has one-upped its competition by spewing forth a small, formidable console/computer that takes on machines triple its size. 

This little devil is capable of playing games in 4K and at stunning rates with a crisp display. And if that wasn’t enough to tantalize your taste buds, then you’d be surprised to know it is compatible with all three consoles and their games along with computer games. So you get the best of all worlds neatly packaged into a handheld device. 


All the above-listed devices are awesome at what they do. Their pros definitely outweigh their cons and they are actively discounted in the holiday season. If you’re looking to buy at least one of them then check out Amazon or Best Buy for the best deals. The gaming world is shifting into bigger gears so you best equip yourself with a console that can help you enjoy whatever’s coming next.