Dead Space: no release in 2022 for the remake?

Dead Space: no release in 2022 for the remake?

It is this Friday that Electronic Arts plans to (re)show the remake of Dead Space . But crucial information has just reached us before this presentation. Indeed, the release period could well change.

Admittedly, we ultimately know almost nothing about this remake. Outside of the announcement teaser and a few snippets scattered across developer-curated shows, we haven't had much to sink our teeth into for the past few months. Fortunately, EA Motive will address players during a special live this Friday at 7:00 p.m.

Isaac takes his time

Last August, the VentureBeat site reported that EA planned to launch this Dead Space in late 2022 . Of course, water has flowed under the bridges and this exit window would no longer be relevant today. Thus, still according to VentureBeat , the American publisher is now aiming for a release early next year. We don't have any further details at this time.

Of course, this information is only at the rumor stage because Electronic Arts has not spoken publicly about it. We may learn more during the live which will be held in less than 24 hours.