DOOM: John Romero creates his first level in 28 years to support Ukraine

DOOM: John Romero creates his first level in 28 years to support Ukraine

In support of the terrible conflict currently taking place in Ukraine, the legendary John Romero, one of the founding fathers of the no less legendary FPS franchise DOOM , returns to service.

Genius level designer, the man with the iconic hair has cracked a new level on DOOM II after hanging up the wagons 28 years ago.

Against all the Evil that Hell can ward off... "

Since the start of hostilities against Ukraine, the video game industry has been mobilizing , each in its own way. While some have decided to withdraw their products from sale in Russia or to remove any mention of the country in their games, such as Electronic Arts with FIFA 22 , others have decided to contribute to helping the Ukrainian population.

This is particularly the case of John Romero, who decides to return to his first love after 28 years far from Hell. Widely known for his infernal talent in level design, the man decided to put his skills to work to fund humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

This is how he offers to discover a new level of his own in DOOM II , in exchange for a donation of five euros. All funds raised will then be donated to the Red Cross and the Central European Union Emergency Response Fund.

Called One Humanity , this brand new level can be downloaded directly from John Romero's site, subject of course to the said five-euro donation. If the heart tells you to embody the DOOM Guy again and kill the demon with Super Shotgun shots for a good cause, go to the site in question, quoted in source below.