Rainbow Six Siege brings out the heavy artillery for its new expansion

Rainbow Six Siege brings out the heavy artillery for its new expansion

Since its launch in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege has been treated to a slew of new content to constantly reignite players' desire to play through this multiplayer FPS. Today, the title reveals the content for the first Season of its Year 7.


The excellent Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is preparing for a new year, and to celebrate this as it should be, the multiplayer FPS from Ubisoft (which has also had the right to a spin-off called Extraction ) offers itself a new season. The latter titled Demon Veil is already available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and offers players the opportunity to discover a brand new game mode, the Team Deathmatch mode, a new map and a new character: Azami.

Obviously, it is this Agent Azami that interests us more particularly today, since it comes once again to upset the strategies of the players. Indeed, Azami is equipped with a new gadget that allows you to create walls instantly.

The Kiba Barrier is a modified kunai that clings to surfaces when thrown and generates matter that diffuses and transforms into an armored barrier to fill gaps in walls and floors, allowing him to take a defensive approach more mobile and versatile. Ubisoft

Good news then, this new Agent will also be accompanied by a brand new card, which had not happened for more than three years. Named Emerald Plains, this map offers players the opportunity to participate in clashes in the remote regions of Ireland. Unlike Azami, the map is not yet available, but will be released soon.


As always, the new content of this Rainbox Six Siege is completely free , however, you will still need a total of 25,000 R6 credits (which are unlocked by playing) and wait until March 28th to obtain the new heroine . If you don't feel like playing games in a loop to collect credits, it is of course possible to buy the Year Pass 7 at the price of €29.99 to embody Azami in preview and to keep your hard-earned credits. This Year Pass also "gives" players the four Seasonal Battle Passes of Year 7, 14-day early access to the next three Agents, and a new Pack for Ash.

A Year Pass Premium Edition is also included. Sold at €59.99, the Year Pass Premium Edition unlocks everything previously mentioned, plus exclusive Exotic weapon skins, credits, 20 Battle Pass Tiers (which provides rewards faster) and a Pack for Valkyrie.