Elden Ring: a clue discovered for a first DLC?

Elden Ring: a clue discovered for a first DLC?

In recent days, millions of players have immersed themselves in the sumptuous and nightmarish universe of Elden Ring . Of course, FromSoftware should offer some DLC in the coming weeks and a first clue may have been discovered.

The content of Elden Ring is absolutely gargantuan! There is plenty to keep players busy for dozens of hours. It must be said that the open world contains many secrets and some even hide beyond the areas that can be explored. Indeed, a user has made a rather interesting discovery that could be linked to a future DLC.

Prepare for battle!

Thus, Lance McDonald initially used a mod that allows you to pass through walls. The content creator then went outside an arena, the place where the first invasion by another player (here controlled by the AI) takes place. It is normally impossible to enter the arena in question, but the video below allows us to see that the interior has nevertheless been entirely modeled.

The first rumors go in the direction of an arena that will allow players to compete in PvP via a future DLC or free update. In total, there are three similar colosseums in the Underworld. Thus, FromSoftware could place particular emphasis on the competitive dimension over the coming weeks.