Elden Ring: a first speedrun completed in record time

Elden Ring: a first speedrun completed in record time

Just over two weeks after the release of Elden Ring , a seasoned Shinless has already achieved an impressive speedrun of FromSoftware 's latest Action-RPG .

Responding to the pseudonym of Niko Bellic, the speedrunner achieved the feat of completing the game in about two hours and thirty minutes without a single death on the clock.

A lightning rise to the rank of Lord of Elden

Of course, the speedrun video above contains major spoilers about the game's plot and bosses, so if you want to keep the surprise intact, it's best not to watch the exploit in action. For those who have already taken on the role of Lord of Elden, you might learn some valuable tips.

Niko Bellic therefore starts his game with the class of Vagabond, appreciated for its great versatility, before leaving at full speed to recover Torrent, the essential steed of Elden Ring . It is thanks to this invaluable mount that the speedrunner was able to finish the game so quickly or eliminate bosses present in the open world without firing a shot and thus amass precious runes quickly .

Note that Niko Bellic does not exploit any flaw in the game or glitch inaccessible to ordinary Sans-Éclats. No doubt we will see even shorter runs when such ways to save precious minutes are unearthed by the community.

If you are still exploring the superb Entre-Terre at your own pace, do not hesitate to consult our various guides such as the one to get you started , or the one indicating the order in which to visit the regions . Good luck in your glorious quest, Shardless.