Exoprimal: Capcom's dinosaur shooter unveiled in video

Exoprimal: Capcom's dinosaur shooter unveiled in video

The State of Play was the opportunity to discover Exoprimal. Behind this title is a cooperative shooter in which players must face dinosaurs. Explanations!

This is not necessarily the announcement that Capcom fans were waiting for, but we still had the right to the Exoprimal surprise. As you can see in the trailer above, this is a supercharged shooter in which a futuristic city is invaded... by dinosaurs! 65 million years of evolution to achieve this.

Exoprimal does not do lace

To counter the various Jurassic and Cretaceous creatures, players can count on a varied arsenal ranging from a simple saber to a complete exoskeleton, including an autocannon turret. In short, you will have heavy equipment to defend yourself and cause a second extinction of the dinosaur species.

So it's not Dino Crisis but at least the game will have its dose of tyrannosaurs and velociraptors. And that is the main thing.

Hello, viewvers. Welcome to Exoprimal, a new cooperative action game with a competitive edge.

Two teams of five players in powered armor battle hordes of dinosaurs. Only one team will survive.

Prediction for dinosaurs today: Low. Have a nice day.

You are not alone

But the dinosaurs will not be the only enemies since in fact a game takes place 5 against 5 against the AI . We are therefore on a classic but effective PvPvE system.

Exoprimal is scheduled for PS4 and PS5 for 2023 without further details.