Halo Infinite: the cooperative mode still postponed

Halo Infinite: the cooperative mode still postponed

Halo Infinite 's post-launch content never ceases to be desired. 343 Industries is supposed to support its FPS over the long term, but as much to say that it starts rather badly… Indeed, two novelties have just been pushed back once again.

If the single-player campaign and the multiplayer part of Halo Infinite are of excellent quality, players are still waiting with some impatience for the new content promised by the developers. Last summer, the 343 Industries teams announced that the Forge mode and the cooperative mode would not be available when the game launched on December 8, 2021. Unfortunately, these two elements still do not point the tip of their nose…


Plans change again

In a new article published on Halo Waypoint , we finally learn that the co-op mode will not arrive as initially promised at the launch of Season 2, on May 2. The developers only specified that it will be deployed “  later  ”. This delay also applies to split-screen co-op.

In addition, the Forge mode is only planned for a launch during Season 3. It could therefore be satisfied with a deployment at the very end of the year. This famous Forge mode is currently being tested by a small group of players. In the near future, 343 Industries will focus on patches that will remove known bugs in the game.