How to get the Matrix mod with Neo and Agent Smith for Sifu

How to get the Matrix mod with Neo and Agent Smith for Sifu

The imagination of modders knows no bounds, nor does their ambition. Inspired by the last born of the Sloclap studio and the saga of the Wachowski sisters, the two universes finally telescoped. The result is more than up to par.

While the Elden Ring hype is in full swing, some people decide to take on challenges that are at least as difficult: to merge science fiction, and a game inspired by martial arts films. For once, the quote: I wasn't expecting anything and I'm still disappointed, can be transformed into: I wasn't expecting anything and I'm still amazed.

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How to get this result?

You will need to install several mods for this. Before listing them to you, we must remember that modding requires modifying certain game files and can interfere with certain subsequent updates. If you want to try the experience, remember to make a backup backup of the current state of your game, as well as your backups to avoid any future inconvenience. Normally mods are not a problem, but conflicts with an updater who wants to modify a custom file can sometimes happen.

The mod to have so many opponents (yes there are less than that in the base game) is the Enemy Spawner mod . Be careful, this mod created by KangieDanie is a little different from classic mods that just change skins, since it allows you to spawn a higher number of enemies of your choice. Read the instructions carefully before using it, especially since it does not make enemies disappear, even those that it has summoned itself. The same author also created a new interface for the game, as well as changing the brightness to further immerse the player in the Matrix atmosphere . The other mod to install is Agent Smith to All Enemies ,which will transform all enemies in the game into Agent Smith. Credit to Halfmillz for making this happen, taking inspiration from the Matrix: Path of Neo game model. She is also the one who created the fourth mod visible in the video, the one that replaces the main protagonist with Neo .

Not a fan of the Matrix universe?

No problem, the world of modding has no limits. The mods for Sifu are very numerous, and do not necessarily change the atmosphere or the characters encountered / confronted. Some will give you a completely different gaming experience, using the movesets of other characters in the game, or even those of characters from very different universes. And if Sifu isn't your favorite game, don't hesitate to search for your favorite title, you may find some nuggets there that can renew your experience.