Japanese boss offers employees holiday to play Elden Ring

Japanese boss offers employees holiday to play Elden Ring

While the game has only just been released, absenteeism rates in companies around the world are rising. To remedy this, a Japanese company has decided to offer its employees Elden-vacations!

The game Elden Ring has just been released and is already making players all over the world totally addicted to its captivating universe. Its huge map suggests hours and hours of adventures in the Underworld! Enough to occupy the most intrepid and according to Takruo Mizobe , CEO of the Japanese studio Pocketpair (Palworld), enough to distract his employees.


In order not to take the risk of seeing his employees distracted by Elden Ring at work, Takruo Mizobe has decided to offer them Elden-holidays. What is that ? Simply a vacation to play Elden Ring . Indeed, as in many countries around the world, the game is already a great success in Japan, and these holidays will be welcome for employees.

Translation : " Pocketpair is offering all its employees an Elden-holiday! Kings of Elden won't be forced to come to work on Fridays and Mondays!"

We're not talking about a vacation here, but rather a four-day weekend in order to properly take the time to face the bosses of the game, although in reality it will take a little (a lot) more than a weekend to complete it .

It's not a first

Indeed, Japan is not at its first attempt. It has already happened that companies organize their schedule according to certain video game releases.

Square Enix had already decided to release its Dragon Quest games - which are hugely successful in the country - on Saturdays only in order to limit the false sick leave of employees and students who want to play the games rather than go to work (logical ). Many schools had complained to the company that absenteeism rates increased drastically with each game outing.

Dragon Quest XI Japan - Elden Ring
Dragon Quest XI Japan

Another example, the Japanese developers Mark-On Ltd had offered their employees a "Monster Hunter vacation" on the occasion of the release of Monster Hunter Rise . The decision was made by the company's CEO, Masaki Hiyama , after receiving an astronomical number of leave requests that day.

Unfortunately, no case of this kind has been observed in France, where the impact of video games on society is still relatively little recognized. French Elden Ring players, you will therefore have to take advantage of the weekend or your nights to overcome this colossal game!