Lost Ark: The community faces the bots

Lost Ark: The community faces the bots

It had to happen, Lost Ark which continues to be a hit faces the same threat as 100% of games of its kind, namely bots. Explanations.

MMORPG enthusiasts and fans know that bots are a real nuisance. We remember the glory days of Guild Wars where it was not possible to take a single step without seeing a fanatic offering gold coins for IRL currency. Alas Lost Ark is suffering the full brunt of its success.

The bot attack

Since its release and subsequent success, public chat channels have been polluted with bots. These invite players to buy gold for euros or dollars. Even if the game offers filters and anti-spam methods, the clever ones always find workarounds, for example by replacing the " www " of Internet addresses by " vvv ".

Cover image of Lost Ark.

An official announcement from the developers of Lost Ark

Aware of this pollution, the developers have expressed themselves publicly on the forums:

Spam from Gold Coin Vendors
We also know that there are more and more gold vendors in discussions. We frequently run scripts to ban them. We are actively working to improve our in-game moderation tools. We will continue to monitor the situation, ban these people, and take action where appropriate.
You can create a new chat tab by clicking on the "+" icon in the chat window and selecting the chat types you want to include or exclude until we find a more permanent solution to unwanted messages in chats. . This will allow you to hide the zone chat.

It must be said that there are endless topics on the net on this subject. It's hard to miss the information.