Nintendo Switch can now be updated without a forced reboot.

Nintendo Switch can now be updated without a forced reboot.

For minor updates, such as updating the list of banned words in online spaces, Switch no longer needs to be restarted. And this August 31, a new update of this type has quietly been pushed to our consoles.

When you are in front of your computer, Mac or PC, you have two types of updates: those which require restarting your machine, and those which replace certain bits of your system's code without needing a restart.

For a long time, Nintendo Switch only had the first of the two modes mentioned above, namely that a restart was necessary for the new version to take effect. But that changed with the recent rollout of the 14.1.2 update, which allows Nintendo to push code without requiring a console restart.

This only applies to certain situations, such as updates without impact or without great importance: one can suspect that any security update to fight against piracy will always require a reboot. This is not the case with the version pushed today, which simply refreshes the list of forbidden words on the console.

On Twitter, it was user OatmealDome who revealed the posting of this piece of code which will encourage some players to better monitor their language: