Outward returns in a Definitive Edition

Outward returns in a Definitive Edition

The open world RPG gets a final edition to conclude its adventure.

Released in March 2019, Nine Dots Studios' Outward game is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series in a Definitive Edition. Published by Prime Matter, this new edition is expected in 2022.

After an unexpected success with more than a million copies sold, the role-playing game Outward decides to offer itself a beautiful finale with a Definitive Edition. In addition to the base game, this will contain the two DLCs already released, namely The Fire Brothers and The Soroboreans . In addition to its two expansions, Outward: Definitive Edition will include many improvements as well as brand new content. Something to satisfy seasoned adventurers.

As a reminder, Outward is an open-world RPG where you play as a simple adventurer. In the beautiful and dangerous world of Aurai, you don't just have to beware of the threatening creatures that cross your path. In the middle of the wilderness, running out of water or letting a wound become infected could spell the end of your adventure. The most basic notions of survival will therefore be very important.

Note that for those who already own the base game as well as the Fire Brothers DLC on PS4, Xbox One or even PC, the update to the Definitive Edition should be free.


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