Pokimane victim of a clothing accident in full live on Twitch

Pokimane victim of a clothing accident in full live on Twitch

The popular streamer Pokimane was the victim of a clothing accident in the middle of her live stream. As she tries to remove all traces of this incident, her fans are holding their breath waiting to see if Twitch will intervene.

Over the years, thanks to her joviality, diverse content and hilarious reactions, Pokimane has managed to build a strong community on Amazon's streaming platform. To date, she has over 9.3 million followers on her Twitch channel.

As soon as she launches a stream, thousands of users rush to make sure they don't miss out on any of the day's fun, so when an accident happens, it quickly makes the rounds on the web.

During her stream of November 15, the streamer went away from her computer for a moment and when she returned, her top was badly put on, leaving her chest exposed to the sight of her viewers.
Pokimane soon to be banned from Twitch?

"Hi, I have a science question for everyone," she said before discovering that her community could see her chest.

Pokimane quickly remedied the situation. While maintaining her composure she went to change and then resumed live as if nothing had happened. She then proceeded to delete the clips of the incident, as well as the VOD, however some Internet users were quick enough to save the clip and share it on Reddit.

If some voices were raised to point the finger at Pokimane's negligence, most Internet users were worried for the streamer, fearing that this "embarrassing" incident would get her into trouble. Indeed, in the past, several content creators such as Alinity have been temporarily banned for such clothing accidents.

For the time being, the streamer has not yet returned on this accident on her Twitter or Instagram account.