Resurrect your original Game Boy with this Raspberry kit (and finally get some colour)

Resurrect your original Game Boy with this Raspberry kit (and finally get some colour)

How about turning your Game Boy back on? If you had no excuse to take your old console out of its drawer, it may well be, after reading this article, that you can finally have one...

Nintendo's famous portable console, which has sold more than 118 million copies worldwide, will be able to live a second life thanks to your Raspberry Pi Zero!

When Raspberry invites itself into your Game Boy

These days, many are still unaware of what a Raspberry Pi actually is . So, as a little reminder, know that it is quite simply a nano-computer no bigger than a credit card. Launched just ten years ago, in 2012, it has since been deployed in different iterations and has enjoyed relative success over the years.

Among the existing iterations, we find in particular the Raspberry Pi Zero. This inexpensive model comes today, in a way, to invade our good old Game Boy . Yes, you read that right, the original Game Boy from 1989 will be able to benefit from a small update thanks to the Raspberry Pi. And because good news never comes alone, color will of course be included!

"The Game Boy Color is old-fashioned"...

It is more exactly to the site , accustomed to retro objects, that we owe this little marvel. The latter has developed an insert kit that can be installed in your original Game Boy. Concretely, this kit sports a custom printed circuit capable of operating thanks to a Raspeberry Pi Zero/Zero 2.

Named "Zega Mame Boy", this kit has a rechargeable battery, a speaker and a headphone jack so you can plug in your headphones. But even more, we also find a 3.2-inch SPI LCD color screen, a size larger than that of the Game Boy of the time, equipped for its part with a 2.6-inch screen. In order to avoid any display problems, future users will have to go through the RetroPie retrogaming system . In this way, they will be able to resize the display and rotate the image until it corresponds to the format adapted to the screen of the console.

Game Boy Raspberry Pi © ©

Taking the forms and therefore the number of buttons already present on the original Game Boy, the object will allow you to enjoy the immense toy library of the portable console as well as some other titles which do not require more than the number of keys. than the Nintendo machine has. Anyway, you can get the object directly on the site for the modest sum of 38.49 pounds, or about 45 euros.