The most popular video games on Pornhub this year are known to us.

The most popular video games on Pornhub this year are known to us.

Here are the most popular games on adult websites, some of which are rather unanticipated.

The relationship between adult content and video games has always been quite positive, in large part because of the iconic heroines who have inspired many gamers to fantasize.
We already know the most popular characters on adult websites—Lara Croft and D.Va—but do you know the titles that draw the most viewers of X-rated content?

The games that adults desire to play the most

As surprising as it may sound, the games that appear in the top 10 searches on the well-known X website PornHub may not be what you'd expect.
The website has a gaming category in its list, which is traditionally published at the end of the year, where you can view the most searched characters as well as the games.

Up until this point, Overwatch dominated, in part because of the gamers' most charismatic heroes, such as Fatale, D-va, or Tracer.
But given that Fortnite currently tops the charts, this era appears to be ended.
Vids showing people having affairs while playing Fortnite are the most common, but we can also find animated videos with well-known skins like Ruby, Aura, and even Harley Quinn.

Future of cubic fantasies exists.

Since Minecraft takes second position, beating off Overwatch, gamers have undoubtedly not stopped surprising us.
However, it is reasonable to believe that the graphically rich world of Minecraft does not inspire our fantasies and that its angular, innocent appearance does not lend itself to tense scenarios. Well, reconsider. You might not be aware of it, but Minecraft has a ton of mods that let you live out a lot of fantasies: naked characters, boiling night with a creeper... yep, it's feasible.


In the top 10, a horror game

But how does Resident Evil do in this list?
Even if the series is among the most well-known in history, we still wonder what kind of X material may be found in these gory and terrifying games.

It appears that Resident Evil Village, the franchise's most recent entry, has a significant influence. Many gamers have been captivated by Lady Dimitrescu, the gigantic, vampire-like lady who serves as the game's famous nemesis.We assume some people are anticipating the Winters DLC, which will be available in October and feature Lady Dimitrescu as a playable character.