The PS5 Pro and the new more powerful Xbox Series coming soon?

The PS5 Pro and the new more powerful Xbox Series coming soon?

The PS5 Pro and the new Xbox Series launched within a year? A television manufacturer makes its predictions with a launch window and specs.

It's now almost a certainty, Sony and Microsoft are working on upgraded versions of the PS5 and Xbox Series. New models that are once again talking about them because of the manufacturer TCL, which is reviving rumors around the PS5 Pro and its rival.

The PS5 Pro and the new Xbox Series by 2023?

Would the TV manufacturer have dropped the song on the mid-gen console release window? Nothing is less sure. During a presentation, the Polish branch of TCL broadcast a slideshow returning to the latest generations of consoles to highlight their technological evolution. The manufacturer mentions the PS5 Pro of a new Xbox Series capable of displaying an 8K resolution, which should also be the case with current models, and which would offer 2160p (the 4K) at 60 or 120fps.

TCL goes one step further and displays a forecast of these consoles for 2023 or even 2024, as reported by Maciej Zabłocki of (via Tom Henderson). The manufacturer indicates that they would ship the Radeon RX 7700 XT, the future graphics card from AMD which will be based on an RDNA 3 architecture and which will offer better management of ray-tracing. Obviously, this should not be seen as confirmation of an exit window, especially since it is likely that the Chinese giant is only basing itself on the rumors that are flourishing everywhere on the Web. The PS5 Pro development kit would in any case already be in the hands of developers, but with the shortage of consoles, it's hard to believe that the new Xbox Series and its competitor can arrive so quickly. To be continued…