The Xbox application receives new features … and takes itself for Instagram

The Xbox application receives new features … and takes itself for Instagram

As at the beginning of each month, Microsoft details the new features that will be deployed on its consoles. And, in this month of May 2022, it is the Xbox mobile application that is at the heart of the discussions.

The social dimension has become central within the ecosystem of major video game brands. Thus, players can freely share their creations on social networks, YouTube or Twitch . Today, through the brand new update deployed on its Xbox consoles , Microsoft is placing an even greater emphasis on this connected aspect by introducing a feature that has become extremely common.

When Xbox eyeing Instagram

On its site, the American manufacturer announced that the May update would add a news feed to the Xbox application available on iOS and Android devices. The user will be able to add Stories created from recently acquired music videos, screenshots and other successes. To create a Story, you simply have to press the "+" button next to the Gamertag. Content captured within the last 72 hours can be shared there.

Story requires, players around the world will be able to respond to it via a message or a quick reaction. Finally, Xbox is adding a new Quality of Service system accessible via the settings of its consoles. This option makes it possible to adapt the behavior of the machine by distributing the latency on the elements which are sensitive to it (chat, streaming, multiplayer).